Market Trader Training

Did you know that becoming a self-employed Market Trader was one of the fastest growing trades of 2021?  Market Trading is an opportunity open to people from all walks of life. Here at Action West London we want to help both young people and BAME communities take their first step into social enterprise.

We also want to provide advice and training to existing Market traders to help them with their continuing personal development.

Becoming a Market Trader

Becoming a Market Trader gives you all the benefits of self-employment.  You get to be your own boss, define your working hours and own your career development.  Markets are busy places and no two days will be the same.  You’ll work in your community in rain or shine and importantly you will become part of the heart of that community.  Young entrepreneurs can learn a lot about running their own business by starting as Market Trader. For example; trading at your local market lets you get an idea of what you are selling or want to sell will be popular, it also means your start up costs will be really low.

Gateway Occupation

Some of the UK’s most popular brand names on the high street one started life in local markets. Did you know the founder of Marks and Spencer’s, Michael Marks started this now famous business on a market stall in Leeds market?  Are you aware that Poundland’s founder Steven Smith started at aged fourteen, working on his parent’s market stall?   Can you believe that the founder of uber cool Superdry clothing Julian Dunkerton began his journey in fashion by selling clothing on his stall at Cheltenham market.

Do you have Passion?

If you have a passion for a product, or you have product or service you want to turn into a business taking that to your local market will be one the first steps you can make.


Whether you are just getting started or you want enhance your knowledge. To help you get started we are currently developing a self-learning training tool for people to educate themselves on trading at their local market.

Our free training tool will cover;

1.      Deciding what to sell: by the end of this module you will be able to decide what products are likely to make you money

2.      Pricing for profit: by the end of this module you will be able to work out your costs in order to price for profit

3.      Staying within the law: by the end of this module you will know who you need to inform or register with in order to trade and identify key areas of the law you will need to comply with

4.      Making sales: by the end of this module you will know how to display your stock to interest customers and how to convert that interest into sales

At the end of the training course there may be opportunities for you to trade at Acton Market. We are able to provide incentives and offers to those who complete the course and want to trade at our weekday or weekend market.

Click here get access to our training tool

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