In 2005, Action West London (formerly known as Action Acton) piloted food markets as a way to encourage entrepreneurship in the town, as well as offering something unique that would tempt shoppers to spend time in Acton’s town centre. An application was made to the London Development Agency in 2005 for an Opportunities Fund grant to make the market a weekly occurrence.

Action West London was awarded over £700,000 over a 3 year period in 2004 from the London Development for the 'Acton Town centre Market regeneration project'. This funding covered a range of regeneration, business support, business start-up and development projects including starting up and developing a street market in Acton. It was one of only 94 organisations to have their bid approved and share an Opportunities Fund pot of £50m. In total, the London Development Agency had 766 applications from across London. The former Mayor Ken Livingstone said at the time that "London’s dynamism is a direct result of the communities of people who live here. So often, the best ideas for what a community really needs come from the people themselves. This fund recognises that and will harness the tremendous ability, enthusiasm, creativity and ingenuity of groups throughout the capital to deliver real benefits to those people who need it most."

London Development Agency chief executive Manny Lewis said: “From the many excellent applications that we received, we have sought to select projects that will have the greatest impact in disadvantaged communities. As well as helping us boost the urban environment, this fund will have a major impact on local economies and the lives of thousands of Londoners. I am especially pleased by the number of projects being led by the voluntary sector and by minority groups, and I hope these type of partnerships will continue to increase.”
Ealing Council revamped the pedestrianised area opposite Morrison’s in King Street/The Mount in 2006, which was allocated to Action Acton to use for the Acton Market.